BCPIAC's Board of Directors consists of community advocates, service providers and legal professionals who are passionate about anti-poverty and creating systemic legal advances benefiting low and fixed income BC residents.

Photograph of Jon Chapnick

Jonathan Chapnick


Jon Chapnick is the Senior Advisor, Workplace Mental Health at UBC. He is a frequent contributor to continuing legal education programs. Continue Reading Jonathan Chapnick

Photograph of Krisha Dhaliwal

Krisha Dhaliwal


Krisha Dhaliwal is an immigration lawyer in Vancouver, British Columbia with a particular interest in equality rights, anti-discrimination work, and access to justice issues for immigrant communities, racialized people, and women. Continue Reading Krisha Dhaliwal

Photograph of Matt Granlund

Matt Granlund


Matt is a legal advocate at the Women’s Contact Society in Williams Lake, BC. Matt has degrees in Arts and Laws from the Australian National University. Continue Reading Matt Granlund

Photograph of Lisa Heddema

Lisa Heddema

Vice Chair

Lisa Heddema is the Chair of the BCPIAC Board. She is a senior tax lawyer with a background at a national law firm and big 4 accounting firm. Continue Reading Lisa Heddema

Photograph of Rose Henry

Rose Henry


Rose Henry is a First Nations activist and educator who works on social justice issues affecting all communities. Continue Reading Rose Henry

Photograph of Iglika Ivanova

Iglika Ivanova


Iglika is an economist and public interest researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, one of BCPIAC’s partners in the Climate Justice Project. Continue Reading Iglika Ivanova

Photograph of John Lawford

John Lawford


John is Executive Director and General Counsel of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) in Ottawa. Continue Reading John Lawford

Photograph of Dianne Phillips

Diane Phillips


Diane Phillips is co-founder of Newton Advocacy Group, past-coordinator of the Surrey Access Network and Peoples Empowerment Program. Continue Reading Diane Phillips

Photograph of Audrey Schwartz

Audrey Schwartz


Audrey Schwartz is an anti-poverty advocate in Prince George, BC. She has been Executive Director of Active Support Against Poverty (ASAP) since 1987. Continue Reading Audrey Schwartz