Elton Simoes

ES-Pic-BW1-121x150 Elton SimoesElton Simoes |  Director
Mediation & Arbitration, Vancouver, BC

Elton Simoes is a leading dispute resolution practitioner, experienced in assisting multiple stakeholders to resolve complex, multicultural, multilateral, multilingual disputes, and who partners with leaders and stakeholders in both private and public sectors to generate mutually beneficial opportunities. Elton is an accomplished scholar and holds multiple degrees, including a Law Degree from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Brazil. In addition, he is also a seasoned board director, and a certified governance expert with academic background in governance, business, law and dispute resolution.

Having lived and worked in Canada, United States, Europe, and Latin America, Elton demonstrates leadership across multiple languages and cultures and as a new Canadian reflects and represents Canada’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.