All of BCPIAC's staff work on both utilities regulation and anti-poverty areas of focus on bringing systemic legal change that will positively impact the lives of low and fixed income residents of BC.

Photograph pf Emma Louisa Ellison

Emma Louisa Ellison

Legal Assistant

Emma Ellison is a Legal Assistant at BCPIAC. She has been providing legal, research and administrative support at BCPIAC since 2011. Continue Reading Emma Louisa Ellison

Photograph of Kate Feeney

Kate Feeney

Staff Lawyer

Kate Feeney is a staff lawyer at BCPIAC. She works in both anti-poverty and regulatory work with a particular interest in access to legal aid. Continue Reading Kate Feeney

Photograph of Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan

Staff Lawyer

Sarah Khan develops and litigates constitutional, administrative law and human rights cases in all areas of BCPIAC’s work. Continue Reading Sarah Khan

Photograph of Grace Matsutani

Grace Matsutani

Office Administrator

Grace joined BCPIAC in 2012 as the Office Administrator. She manages all things finances and administration at BCPIAC. Continue Reading Grace Matsutani

Photograph of Erin Pritchard

Erin Pritchard

Staff Lawyer

Erin Pritchard is a staff lawyer at BCPIAC. She has been working on BCPIAC’s anti-poverty and utilities regulation areas of law since 2012. Continue Reading Erin Pritchard

Photograph of Sozan Savehilaghi

Sozan Savehilaghi

Legal Assistant

Sozan Savehilaghi is a Legal Assistant at the BCPIAC. She provides legal, communication and administrative support at BCPIAC. Continue Reading Sozan Savehilaghi

Photograph of Leigha Worth

Leigha Worth

General Counsel & Executive Director

Leigha Worth is General Counsel & Executive Director at BCPIAC. She has extensive experience in utility regulation law. Continue Reading Leigha Worth