Tim Hortons: Human rights complaint to proceed against fast food giant

BC Human Rights Tribunal rejected Tim Hortons’ attempt to have a human rights complaint against it dismissed at an early stage. The complaint was brought in 2012 by four temporary foreign workers from Mexico who say they experienced discrimination in the workplace while they were employed at two Tim Hortons locations in Dawson Creek, BC, while the franchise owner was also their landlord.

BC Utilities Commission orders reduction of BC Hydro’s Minimum Reconnection Charge

The BC Utilities Commission has just ordered that BC Hydro’s Minimum Reconnection Charge (MRC) of $125.00 plus GST be reduced to $30 on an interim basis, starting on December 1, 2015. BC Hydro had requested that the lower MRC be implemented by April 1, 2016, but we successfully argued that the MRC is unjust and unreasonable as it no longer reflects BC Hydro’s actual costs to reconnect a customer.

Increasing BC Hydro rates drive request for an electricity affordability program

Legal advocacy group, the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre (BCPIAC) will ask the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) to implement an electricity affordability program for BC Hydro’s 160,000 low income residential customers. The proposal consists of three strategies to address the hardship caused by high hydro rates on low income customers.