Poverty advocates criticize Hydro for number of service disconnections

June 10, 2016 | Frank Stanford | CFAX 1070

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The Together Against Poverty Society is outraged by the sharp growth in number of households being disconnected by B-C Hydro for non payment of bills.

TAPS representative Tony Pullman was speaking on C-FAX (with Frank Stanford) this morning…

“They disconnected… in the year ended March 31st 2016…B-C Hydro disconnected 30, 283 customers. Residential customers”

Pullman says the numbers have grown dramatically since the introduction of smart metres made it possible to disconnect remotely.

Pullman admits that Hydro has since reduced the fee it charges for re-connecting, but he argues the corporation was slow in doing so, and thousands of people who could ill afford it were charged an unnecessarily high price.