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Every day low income people go to courts and tribunals across the country without any legal representation.  They struggle to follow the complex rules of the court, to gather the evidence they need to establish their case, and to get their views across to a decision-maker. Many give up on our court system all together. BCPIAC recognizes that without access to legal representation for low income people, our legal system is manifestly unfair and cannot provide justice.

Legal aid in BC was drastically cut in 2002; this funding has not been restored. The financial eligibility thresholds have also not increased in BC for many years, making it so that even those who are living below the poverty line are not financially eligible for legal aid.

Without access to legal representation for low income people, our legal system is manifestly unfair and cannot provide justice.

BCPIAC’s goal is to continually push for a legal system that ensures that those who cannot afford legal representation are able to get it. In 2005 in the Canadian Bar Association case and in 2009 in the P.D. case, BC PIAC was involved with other groups in bringing a constitutional challenge to the current scope of legal aid coverage. In neither case were we able to get past a preliminary stage of the argument.

We plan to continue to fight to expand the circumstances to where there is a constitutional right to state funded counsel, including in family law cases involving custody and immigration cases involving potential deportation.

We also believe that the way that legal aid is administered should be fair and transparent. A key part of access to justice is to ensure that our legal aid systems are designed to be easily accessible to the most vulnerable people in our communities.


Recent News in Access to Legal Aid

Poverty Law Legal Aid Services

The Honourable David Eby, QC Attorney General of British Columbia and Minister responsible for Liquor, Gaming and ICBC Rm 232, Parliament Buildings 501 Belleville St., Victoria, B.C. V8V 1X4 Dear Attorney General Eby: Re:      Poverty Law Legal Aid Services We understand that your government is considering funding for poverty law ...
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Constitutional challenge to inadequate legal aid services launched today

For Immediate Release | BCPIAC VANCOUVER – Today, West Coast LEAF and the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre (BCPIAC) announce a constitutional challenge against the Province of BC and the Legal Services Society for their failure to provide adequate family law legal aid to women fleeing violent relationships. The case ...
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BC woman’s Charter challenge forces provincial government to provide legal representation to all people detained under the Mental Health Act

For Immediate Release | BCPIAC Please note, there is a court-ordered publication ban in place VANCOUVER, B.C. – A BC woman known as Z.B. has won an important legal victory ensuring that everyone detained under the Mental Health Act has access to legal representation when their continued detention is under review ...
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Campaign calls on BC government and official opposition to “step up for Women’s equality”

West Coast LEAF, a BC organization dedicated to promoting women’s equality through the law, along with a long list of endorsing BC organizations, have called on the BC government and the official opposition to step up for Women's equality and "commit to implementing – fully and without delay – the UN’s ...
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BC woman launches challenge for right to legal representation in Mental Health Act detentions

For Immediate Release | BCPIAC Please note, there is a court-ordered publication ban in place VANCOUVER, B.C. – On Friday, August 12, 2016, Z.B., a woman currently detained in hospital as an involuntary patient under the Mental Health Act, launched a legal challenge in the B.C. Supreme Court, arguing that ...
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REPORT: Refugee Reform & Access to Counsel in British Columbia

August 26, 2015 | Lobat Sadrehashemi, Peter Edeldmann & Suzanne Baustad Since December 2012 the refugee determination process in Canada has undergone drastic changes. This report is based on in-depth interviews and focus groups with refugee claimants, their lawyers and service providers in British Columbia about the impacts of these ...
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Legal aid awarded to woman fighting ex-husband’s vacation plans

Nov 20, 2014 | Jason Proctor | CBC News Link to original article In the wake of a B.C. Supreme Court challenge, the province's Legal Services Society has reversed a decision to deny legal aid to a Lower Mainland woman who wants to fight her ex-husband's plans to take their children ...
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Legal aid denied: woman asks court to overturn decision

Nov 19, 2014 | Jason Proctor | CBC News Link to original article A Lower Mainland woman wants a B.C. Supreme Court judge to overturn a B.C. Legal Services Society decision denying her legal aid. Backed by the B.C. Public Interest Advocacy Centre, the woman, who can only be identified ...
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