Our Staff

All of BCPIAC's staff work on both utilities regulation and anti-poverty areas of focus on bringing systemic legal change that will positively impact the lives of low and fixed income residents of BC.

Leigha Worth

General Counsel & Executive Director

Leigha Worth is General Counsel & Executive Director at BCPIAC. She has extensive experience in utility regulation law. Continue Reading Leigha Worth

Irina Mis

Staff Lawyer

Irina Mis is the Staff Lawyer at the BCPIAC. She focuses on utility regulation and anti-poverty law. Continue Reading Irina Mis

Julie Massé

Executive Office Administrator

Julie Massé CP/BA/MAS is the Executive Office Administrator. Continue Reading Julie Massé

Susan Kennedy [Contractor]


Ralph Heidecke, CPA/CMA is the bookkeeper at BCPIAC, and brings a wealth of knowledge & experience in Financial matters. Continue Reading Susan Kennedy [Contractor]